Asian brush Florals Jean Kigel Maine

    Asian Brush Florals by Jean Kigel

Please direct all inquires to the artist: 

Copyright by Kigel Studio. All rights reserved


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Iris with Scholars' Rocks      Dance with Daffodils  Wild Cranberry Bog SOLD





Ballantino    Fandango    Waltz    Flamenco   Calypso SOLD




Tip Toe through the Tulips


Autumn Vine    Chantilly Lace    Lineage     



Crane's Head                            Day and Night                            Lavender Lady    Flamenco



Reaching Lotus             Spring Maiden Lotus                 Po Mo Lotus




Mist on Jade Lotus SOLD                                             Ruby Steward Lotus         







                                                              Lotus Noir Lotus                      Peony V                                 Lotus VI  





                          Arising Lotus                         Vernal Garden  Lotus                  Yellow Lotus w Bud  



                    Pendant Heliconia                Felicitaions




            Spring Again Maine                            Apple Blossom Clouds                     







The Red and the Black LGilded Peony SOLD                                                  Lavender Mums




Ethereal Beauty                 Hydrangea Blue            Kyoto Lotus III                    Pointsetta III    



After the Rain Lotus SOLD           Spring Lotus SOLD                    Clouds of Blue Lotus SOLD   Trousseau SOLD



Peach Peony VII SOLD                 Peony Raspberry Lemon SOLD                               Sunflower and Bud    LingnanPeony SOLD 




Lily  SOLD                        Grass Orchid  SOLD                 Chantilly Lace SOLD







Bird of Paradise sold       Crocus sold          Glory Vine sold   Rock Garden sold     Gilded Peony sold   




         Emerald Days SOLD           Wooing sold                        Carolina Queen sold




Radiance  sold                   Lotus on gold leaf  sold            Red Poeny  SOLD    




   Impresario   SOLD               Skies of Fire sold                 Tree Song sold




Verbascum SOLD                  Boca Ratan Orchid  






Orchid 1  SOLD      Orchid II sold     Orchid 14 sold   Orchid 15 sold       Orchid 16 sold   Orchid  17 sold       Orchid 18 sold Orchid 19 sold



Orchid 4 sold  Orchid 5sold   Orchid 7sold   Orchid 8sold      Orchid 23    Orchid 22sold   Orchid 8 sold      




Orchid 6sold                   Orchid 9 sold                    Orchid 24sold                Orchid 26 sold     Orchid 25    sold          




Diva   sold                 Peony Lignan  sold         Peony IV  SOLD                          




  Ephemera SOLD        Autumn Grass SOLD         Cala Lily SOLD     Cleome SOLD



Rising Sun SOLD     Cyclamen  SOLD     Day Lily on silkSOLD     Dogwood SOLD   Glory Vine SOLD



Iris Shikishi SOLD      Night Peony SOLD     Magenta PoppySOLD           Red Poppy SOLD



                Potting Season  SOLD                Nikko Blue  SOLD                     From Mud Arising I SOLD   Crane Head Lotus SOLD 


Spider Mums   SOLD                    Bird of Paradise SOLD                      Red Poppies SOLD    


Rock Orchid SOLD              Memories Aloft     SOLD           Dionysius SOLD          Peach Peony Sundae SOLD


 Jubilee SOLD    Magnolia Cascade I  SOLD    Single Red Peony SOLD   Wild Flower Maine ALL 8 SOLD


Lone Iris SOLD    Tree Song SOLD        Damask Peony SOLD            Crocus SOLD    Radiance SOLD


Moon Glow sold        From Earth Arising SOLD  Sunflower w Bug

Please direct all inquires to the artist: 

Copyright by Kigel Studio. All rights reserved

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