Watercolor Seascapes by Jean Kigel


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Broken Light SOLD         Triangulation SOLD             Monhegan Clothes Line              Totem







Rounding Southern Island SOLD           Jones' Neck  SOLD           Super Moon Back Cove        Red Skies at Night  




The DaveySOLD    Outward Bound SOLD



 Cheticamp, Cape Breton        Ah, Monhegan     NLS Kaleidoscopic...     NLS Moon     NLS Seaward








Vespers Wells Cottages                    Passages                  Harbor Is. toward Franklin             Inspiration                Dock Patterns     





Setting Out                   Rockport Skiffs SOLD             Community on Ecks            Deep Green Sea                             Shoals Lurking





Kayaker's Perspective     Sun Glints     Sun Down Back Cove






Window on the Cove I SOLD   Window on the Cove IISOLD  Window on the Cove IIISOLD   Window on the Cove IV  SOLD





Shock of Light                  Behold the Light SOLD                      Moon-Lit SOLD   Morning SOLD                   



 Between the Tides SOLD                           Island in the Sun  SOLD                      Morning SOLD               Coming Home  SOLD 





        Fog Enshrouded SOLD Burning Off           The Calm Beyond SOLD   Dawn at the Dead SOLD



Moon Watch SOLD       Transmigrations SOLD              Old Pilings, New Harbor SOLD     Dories ThreeSOLD


Shore Birds SOLD                                  Dories on Salt Marsh  SOLD        Night Dory SOLD                    Giselle I SOLD


Salt Marsh Dory  SOLD               Green and Yellow Dory SOLD           Prism SOLD                    Ledges  SOLD  


Ledges   24"x20  SOLD                                Sea Side Lupine SOLD           


Pemaquid Surf                                      Splendor of the Sea SOLD          Week End Regatta  SOLD     Moon Path    SOLD 




                              Docks and Dories  SOLD 



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Copyright by Kigel Studio. All rights reserved

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