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The Floral Muse:   Asian Brush Paintings and Watercolors

More than 20 New Paintings


Jean Kigel

Tidemark Gallery

902 Main St, Waldoboro, Maine

May 8 - June 1, 2013

Opening Reception Saturday, May 11 , 5-7 PM




The Floral Muse:  Watercolors and Asian Brush Paintings by Jean Kigel will be on exhibit at Tidemark Gallery, 902 Main St., in the historic town of Waldoboro from May 8 June 1.  Gallery hours:  Wednesday Saturday 10-5.    The opening reception on Saturday, May 11, from 5-7PM, is free and open to the public. 

For Jean Kigel, both an artist and a perennial gardener, flowers are her favorite muse.  This show features a variety of field and still-life florals - some small, some oversize.   She draws her inspiration largely from the shapes and shades of flowers she has inherited and from local plant sales.    This time of year Jean stalks the coastal wetlands for skunk cabbage shoots. In summer, she monitors the moods of lotus.   In autumn, she collects handfuls of wild grasses to paint.  And in the winter, heather and witch hazel.  Jean paints in such a way as to transcend surface appearances and capture the ineffable character of a plant, suggesting the real subject is not the lotus, but the conceptual atmosphere that enveloped it, the invisible ether within which it sways and glides. FMI call the gallery at 832-5109, or visit

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