Japanese Gyotaku Fish Series

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(Gyotaku fish arranged alphabetically by species.)

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Coy            Aquarius sold  Obi Carp sold


Alewife Series I  SOLD                     Alewife Series II SOLD            Alewife Series  III SOLD

                                    bass I.JPG (58231 bytes)

Alewife Series IV SOLD                           Alewife Series V  SOLD                     Bass I SOLD

bass II.jpg (46619 bytes)                       bass III.JPG (46666 bytes)                bass IV.jpg (37496 bytes)

Bass  II                                                 Bass III  SOLD                                               Bass IV SOLD

bass V.jpg (79910 bytes)                    bass VI.JPG (54493 bytes)                    Bass VII Persistence framed SJ.jpg (44274 bytes)

Bass V     SOLD ..                               Bass VI   framed                                Bass  VII

bass VIII.jpg (79256 bytes)                    bass X.JPG (56959 bytes)                    bass XI.JPG (58475 bytes)

Bass  VIII      SOLD                                       Bass  X   SOLD                                             Bass XI

bass XII.JPG (78239 bytes)                bass XIII framed.JPG (89994 bytes)                      bass XIV.jpg (58378 bytes)

Bass  XII    framed     SOLD                                  Bass XIII    sold                                          Bass XIV

bass XV.jpg (47195 bytes)                 bass XVI.jpg (33658 bytes)                    bsss XVII sold.JPG (81029 bytes)

Bass XV     SOLD                                       Bass XVI      SOLD                                           Bass  XVII sold



Cunner Series: Epiphany sold         Cunner Series:  Eternity               Cunner Series:  We Will Return


Flounder Series I   SOLD             Flounder Series II  SOLD                    Flounder Series I V SOLD 


Flounder Series V SOLD    Flounder Series VI  23"x29" SOLD          Flounder Series VII  27"x31"    Flounder  Five Flat Fish


Flounder Series  III 18"x36" SOLD           John Dory Series I                              John Dory Series II



John Dory Series III SOLD         John Dory Series IV                John Dory Series  V SOLD 


John Dory Journey  Series VI   Free Fall SOLD        Pollock Series II SOLD     Pollock Series III  SOLD


Pollock Series IV  SOLD                  Pollock  Series V         Pollock Series  I  SOLD  Pollock Series VI SOLD



Rainbow Smelt: Think                       Rainbow Smelt: I   sold                        Rainbow Smelt: III sold       


Rainbow Smelt:  IV                      Sculpin Series  II  SOLD 

skate I.JPG (34871 bytes)                skate II.JPG (85418 bytes)                  skate III sold.JPG (35952 bytes)

Skate Series I                          Skate Series II             Skate Series III  sold

skate IV brown backgr.JPG (38191 bytes)                           skate VI.JPG (54117 bytes)

Skate Series IV                    Skate Series V             Skate Series VI


Sturgeon Series Lying Low      Sturgeon  Series I sold  Tilapia Series I SOLD


Tilapia Series II SOLD                 Tilapia Series III    SOLD         Tilapia Series IV


    Tilapia SeriesV SOLD

brown trout I  sold pittston.jpg (51682 bytes)                     brown trout rising II sold.jpg (56724 bytes)                brown trout III sold troutbaited.jpg (55982 bytes)    

Trout Brown Series I SOLD       Trout Brown Series II SOLD        Trout Brown Series III  SOLD     Confidential

brown trout tandem IV sold.jpg (41091 bytes)                  Brown trout V sold.jpg (40626 bytes)                brown trout VI.jpg (43878 bytes)

Trout Brown Tandem IV SOLD     Trout Brown V SOLD                       Trout Brown VI

brown trout VII confrontation sold.jpg (41102 bytes)                   brook trout VIII.JPG (55901 bytes)               brook trout IX.JPG (55962 bytes)

Trout Brown VII  SOLD                  Trout Brook VIII   SOLD                          Trout Brook IX SOLD 

brook trout X Penobscot tidewater.JPG (47294 bytes)                       brook trout XI hooked.JPG (69802 bytes)            brooktrout XII.JPG (65191 bytes)

Trout Brook X Penobscot                Trout Brook XI HookedSOLD          Trout Brook XII SOLD

  trout XIII.JPG (51366 bytes)                rainbow trout  XIV.JPG (50536 bytes)

Trout XIII                                             Trout Rainbow XIV SOLD

Please direct all inquires to the artist:



Copyright by Kigel Studio. All rights reserved.

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