Watercolors, Oils, Asian brush Paintings

Brick House Gallery

176 Winslow Mills Road, Waldoboro, ME 04572

August 12, 13, 14, 2016

10-5 daily

Reception  Friday Aug. 12th 5-7PM



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View Jean Kigel’s new paintings at the mid-century modern Brick House Gallery


Kigel graduated with a degree in literature from Boston University, and a MEd from Temple University, where most of her readings focused on British Romanticism and Greek tragedy.  She has spent more than 25 years exploring botanical painting with watercolor and Asian brush techniques.  “Flowers are hard.  They’re fragile, infinitely variable in color and texture, and fascinating in all the stages of growth, from bud to withered blooms and seed pods.”  


Currently her studio practice revolves around a whimsical attic window series based on architecture in the Mid-Coast.  In addition, Kigel is experimenting with geometric realism and color field.  “I like both abstraction and realism in art, and I work to combine the two. My subject matter leans towards realism.  I look for interesting shapes to give feeling to the painting.  Then I work with the color to create harmony and mood.”