JEAN KIGEL:  Sayonara:  Asian brush paintings and Watercolors


Summer Island Studio and Gallery of Fine Art

149 Maine St., Brunswick, Maine -  207-373-1810

 Monday through Saturday 9:30 to 5:30, and Sunday10:00 Ė 4:00



Jean Kigel's  fall-into-winter theme includes recent Asian brush paintings and watercolors, with by symbolic vermillion and violet hues.  Kigelís signature piece Sayonara II, captures the feel of fall with its turbulent orange and purple sky tones.  This painting depicts barren trees, illuminated by a setting sun and punctuated by dark birds.   Kigelís other paintings painted with fall hues include a twisted vine, bittersweet with gourd, a lavender chrysanthemum, a meadow, and a misty city scene.  As a color-segue from fall to winter, Kigel includes a bright set of 1950ís primary color bowls, ushering farewells of autumn into the comfof the kitchen. Then come Kigelís winter paintings with tones of blue.  These include her gyotaku skate, northern lights and an amazing blue lobster. 

Please direct  inquires to the artist:   or to Patti Baker  207-373-1810

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