Oils by Jean Kigel

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Copyright by Kigel Studio. All rights reserved.


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Beginning to Sing SOLD 



Gulf of Maine     The Watery Part of the World     Broken Light     Cadillac Look Out




Evening Grotto     Snow Capped     From the Bridge     Ebb Tide 




Abandoned by the Tide     Solo SOLD     Cruising Mooshead Lake       




Breaker 8"10"  SOLD Off  Ginn Pt. Owls Head SOLD   Popham Village    Corner of Wharf+Main, Owls Head



                                      Storm Lifting                Sea Smoke 



   Aztec Avocado                        Shallot                            Celery                                  Cavendish






Sea Spout   SOLD                            Islands in the Bay SOLD                                        Morning  SOLD  Cove                               




On the Edge                    Tied SOLD                             Back River                Cove Crossing



                     Main Street SOLD                     Horizon                        Ebb Tide




A Walk through the Woods                     Pine Cone SOLD                    Nikko Blue                 Propeller




Hydrangea SOLD                    Red Bartlett                        Split Avocado SOLD                    Onion



Tethered                     Czech CupsSOLD                     Blackberries with Nut BowlSOLD                Sliced   



    Cortland                  Orange Saki                        Radish Royal    SOLD                    Rainbow Glass SOLD



Glass Half Full                    Flash in the Dark                    Joy of Cooking                    Ship's Light  



Service, Please                    Railroad Special                     Light!                    Fish Oil



Free Swim                        Scopic                                    Heart of Blue



Red-Green                Space Odyssey

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